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No bare walls.

Welcome to our gallery of wearable and displayable art! By choosing a piece from Marcellus’s collection, you’re not just getting something beautiful—you’re making a meaningful impact. A heartfelt thank you for your support.


If you’re drawn to the allure of an original piece, simply click this link No Bare Walls  to begin our conversation. For everything else, our curated selection has something for every art enthusiast.


Art Prints Showcase:

Elevate your space with our range of art prints:

Limited Edition Prints: These exclusive prints are a blend of rarity and beauty, each one numbered and signed for the discerning collector.


Open Edition Prints: Flexibility meets artistry with prints available for every preference, free from the constraints of limited runs.


Hand-Embellished Uniqueness: For that extra personal touch, select from prints that Marcellus has hand-finished, ensuring yours stands out.Interactive


AR Prints: Merge art with technology through our AR-enabled prints, offering an interactive layer to your art experience. (look for the "AR" in product title.)


Marcellus’s art isn’t confined to the canvas:


Artistic Tees: Wrap yourself in a t-shirt that’s a conversation piece in itself, showcasing unique designs that speak to the soul.


Creative Stickers: Brighten any space with a sticker that’s a small window to a bigger artistic world.


Inspiring Mugs: Enrich your daily rituals with a mug that’s as thought-provoking as it is practical.


Custom phone case: Marcellus's artwork transforms your phone into a mobile canvas with our protective and inspiring cases.​


Notebooks: Capture your thoughts in notebooks that are bound with covers featuring Marcellus’s distinctive artwork.


We appreciate your visit and your patronage of the arts.Browse at your leisure and find the perfect expression of Marcellus’s vision to bring into your life!

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